Monday, 8 December 2014

Ben Howard, Part I

As my blog is named after one of Ben's songs, I thought this post was a nice one to start with. I am a music person. Without music, there's no sense in living for me - music is what keeps me going, music is what identifies me, music is what influences my emotions and my state of mind, what gets me down and what cheers me up again - well, like I said, my life.

Ben is hardly known in my area, and it was one of the most fortunate things in my life that I was watching the Brit Awards 2013 with my mum by coincidence. I remember just watching with one eye opened and the other one asleep when suddenly Ben and India appeared with Only Love - and well, there it was, and it absolutely blew my mind in some way. I fell in love. At once.

When my dad came home, I begged him to put some of Ben's songs on our iTunes, and I started listening to Keep your head up and The Wolves quite a lot. I don't know why, but it took me a while to wake up and realise that there were more songs, and it was already September until I finally got Every Kingdom. On the other hand this was quite good, as Every Kingdom soon went up to my favourite-autumn-winter-album - it was just so perfect, christmas, candles, rainy days, blankets and Ben singing along my lazy, cozy Sundays. I was also mad about learning some of his songs on guitar, and I nearly ruined my fingers as well as my mum's patience while desperately trying to do under the same sun like he does... I really liked him a lot, but I wasn't a real fan by that time.

This part of the story started when I forget where we were was announced to be released. I was working in summer and as I was a little bored, I went on the homepage and suddenly saw the release date and the tour dates, and I started screaming inwardly. It was clear to me that this time I had to catch him live somewhere! I soon convinced a friend of mine to go on a little trip to Vienna around the 29th of November...

Then the 20th of October came. I had been waiting for the album for like an eternity, because my local music store was a little late with the shipments and got the vinyl five days later than it was released. You don't know how happy I was when I finally held it in my hands - the people who saw me that day must have taken me crazy, as I smiled more than ever and I just couldn't stop, even when I nearly fell over my own feet while crossing a street - all I could think of was the album. I actually even managed to forget my mobile phone in school, which is something I had never done before... That day was just crazy.

To be continued...
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