Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ben Howard, Part II

I forget where we were literally made me forget everything. I remember putting the record on the turntable and turning off all light, then I put the volume high and just lay down on the floor. Small things started, it was twilit outside and I just felt so overwhelmed by.. the voice, my emotions, I don't know. It's not that I hadn't heard it before, but it felt so different now! I stayed in that position and was just done with the world. It was so beautiful and dark and it just fit that mood so well...

The next month was a very stressful one, but whenever I could Ben was in my ears. The time went on so fast, and suddenly it was end of November and my friend and I went to Vienna  - finally.

It was freezing, it was snow-raining, it was dark and christmassy - perfect for this album in my opinion. The gig itself was - well I don't have enough words. I fell in a kind of trancelike condition while I walked into the building, it was all so unreal. After the support act ( Jack Garratt was amazing, he's got a beautiful couple of songs!) it got really hot and stuffy and I felt like I couldn't breathe, until they finally entered the stage.  I couldn't even move at first, and then I couldn't stop moving and silently speaking along every single line. They were all so great and it was all so, I don't know, perfect.  India was amazing, still can't believe how much energy she had dancing so freely and beautiful - I wish I could one day dance like her!

I thought it would last forever. I wished he would never stop. They would all never stop their amazingness. I never felt so free before.  When Black Flies finished, I was still in a dream. We went back home, but I can't remember how I made my feet walk. I can't remember how I put my shoes off or how I combed my hair. I just remeber that I was still lying on the floor (seems like my favourite place, I know) smiling and listening to Are you ready at three in the morning.

After this night, I became a "real" fan.
It isn't only about the music you just listen to. 
It is about the music you feel, with all of your soul and all of your body.
It is about the music that makes you cry and smile,
that gets you totally down but also makes you incredibly happy. 
It is about the music that changes you, that influences how you act and what you do with your life.
Ben Howard has created such music to me, and I am incredibly thankful for that. 

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