Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Top 5 of 2014 - Fashion

Hello everyone! This is my favourite five fashion pieces of 2014 :-) 

These Esprit jeans are not for nothing called 24/7 jeggins - they are my "jump-in-and-go" everyday jeans. They feel like a second skin, are amazingly flexible and so so cozy! Love love love. 

 Another great cozy basic - Brandy shirts. This is so slouchy and nice and whenever I get up with sleepy closed eyes I just grab this and I know my day will be bearable. 

 This is more room decoration than clothing to me - I ordered this beautiful Asos swing dress in autumn, I thought it would be perfect for Christmas. And then, because I really wanted to first wear it on Christmas Eve (which I did by the way), I hang it up on my wardrobe and it adorned my room from then on...

 I bought my Vagabond Grace at the day I went to Ben's concert. After having them on my mind for months, I decided to buy them as a kind of memento of this gig when I first wore them, and I really do think about those days in Vienna everytime I have them on. And I really do that a lot, I basically live in these - they are just so beautiful and easy to combine, perfect. Love love love again. 

 And last but not least my Go-to Cardigan from Mango - everyday, every night, every colour, every combination - this one always works. I live in it. 
 See you soon


  1. Einen sooo wunderschönen Blog hast du meine Liebe :) ♥
    Und echt schöne Sachen hast du gekauft *-*

    Liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Danke, freut mich dass er dir gefällt! ♥