Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 Part I

This year has gone just like the one before - way too fast. Last New Years Eve feels just like yesterday, although so much has happened in between!  I hate the feeling you get when time is running so fast and you have no idea how to slow down, especially when amazing things you have been looking forward forever end all of a sudden and all you have left is just memories.

But well, I believe that good memories are probably the best thing to have, because they never change. People change, worlds change, life changes, but memories stay the same, always. So I just wanted to share some of my best memories of 2014 with you and I hope you enjoy. I don't know if someone will ever read this, but at least I do :-)

I've been on a cruise with my nana at Easter and I have never seen more beautiful sunsets and sunrises than then. It's not always nice being around so many people on quite short space, but standing on top of the deck and seeing nothing but ocean, feeling the wind and the salty air in your face can be really inspiring and overwhelming, and I've seen lots of beautiful places I really want to go again. 

Then I went to Ireland with some of my best friends and we just had an amazing time I really like thinking back to. We went on a lot of trips all through the country and we really did see a lot for that short time!  Dublin is just a gorgeous city to stay,  and I hope to come back soon. 

Then, of course, London my love. There is no place such as London in this world, and you don't even have a clue how extremely excited I was for months because I knew that I finally would return to my favourite place. I know it might sound very exaggerating, but although I've only been to London three times in my life, it feels like home to me. I know it's crowded and touristy and dirty and dangerous, but it's also so magic. I just wish that London will one day end up being my real home. I just wish, so hard.

There has been so much more worthy to be mentioned that I just decided to do a Part II of this tomorrow! See you soon 

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