Thursday, 1 January 2015

25 Facts about me

Happy new year everyone, I hope 2015 is going to be a great year! As I've never really presented myself I thought I would share a few random facts about me with you, I hope you enjoy!
  1. English is not my mother tongue and I want to apologize for any mistakes I have ever made and will ever make!
  2. I don't have any brothers or sisters
  3. I live in a small village
  4. I sometimes wish I was born in another time ...
  5. ... and in another country, the uk mostly
  6. I love 60s movies, my favourite actress is Doris Day...
  7. ... well and Keira Knightley probably
  8. I love Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen books in general
  9. and Wuthering Heights, how could I forget
  10. My favourite yankee candle is soft blanket
  11. I like scrapbooking
  12. I love rosy things and decorating my room rosy
  13. I sometimes feel a strong need to be in nature and just breathe 
  14. I would love to have a cat but unfortunately I am allergic
  15. I like fashion a lot but I'm just not brave enough to wear whatever I like so I usually end up dressing quite.. well not exactly boring, but not exciting haha
  16. I really really love London a lot
  17. I also love a lot of other things you can find in my -> About  page 
  18. I overthink everything and make myself sad often,
  19. but I somehow enjoy the comfort of sadness a lot 
  20. I usually have a very low self esteem
  21. I don't know what I want to study and it's slowly making me crazy...
  22. ..because I feel like I really should make a decision but I'm so indecisive!
  23. I often cannot say what I really think and then I usually sit down and write letters or songs
  24. Music is basically my life 
  25. and what keeps me going, always. 
See you soon 

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